Swords And Pickaxes

What do you think about this concept? Weapons and handmade tools: These weapons and tools allow the user to perform different tasks much faster [Sword:] This could be used as wands but would be used in close combat. [Pickaxe:] This tool could help those who don't have the advantage of fast mining, it would basically be useful for low levels, but mining blocks with this will not give cubits (to encourage players to mine with their hands to get them).
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  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler Member
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    They alr add a sword, sadly it's useless xD, hope they make a use for it, maybe uh attack qbee infront of u.

    Pickaxe.. I dont agree with this, this is not minecraft + it's a little unfair for players that have fast mining perk (i forgot the name)..Yes, I see u write NO CUBITS pop up, but they can sell the blocks they mined tho @@, ahh hard to explain but hope u understand
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