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Hi everyone, I am an old veteran player from Cubic Castle ever since beta. I have been quit the game for a period of time and back sometimes. Previously, I have set up a rentals realm where you could rent plots hourly and sell your items off, but it doesn't turn out that well. Therefore, I have transformed my realm into a weekly rental plot for vending machines where people can put their items here for sale. One good thing about the weekly vending machines plot rental is they will be no littering around for OCD person like me. It is really headache these day to enter the hourly rental realm *youknowwhatImean*

Realm Info
Realm Name: Aaronn's Market Place & Rental
Realm Owner: * Aaronn *
Realm Partnership: Momo, Error404
Discord: hana#6641

• Weekly rentals without vending machines provided > Price Rate at 500c/week and 1,800c/month ITS NOW AT 100C/WEEK.
• Prize Machine Rentals for warp foods are in the middle of the realm > Price Rate at 10c/hr and 100c/week

How this works?
• You need to bring along up to 5 vending machines maximum and 5 signs post.
< If you don't have enough vending machines, do let me know so I can provide you them>
• You can place your vending machines and your want-to-sell items after renting the plot.
• You have to place a sign on top of the items that shows the selling prices for me to set it correctly for your vending machines
• Each plot have a spot for warp blocks, if you wish to place them do let me know.

• Each plot are set up where you can put only up to height of 3 blocks which means, vending machine, your items with glass and a sign for price tag. In order to protect your items, and losing your items after the plot expired, I will personally place the 1 week bumper on the plot itself then after you rent, the blocks will be removed to prevent loss of items after your plot expired.
• Your items will be move to the storage after your plot expired. But no worries, I'll keep them for you and you can claim them from me when you come back.
• Please remove any blocks after. So the next person can rent the plot.

Any suggestion or improvement please do let me know. Hence, there is a hangout area in the middle of the realm for the Qbee to make friends. Not to mention, there will be weekly giveaways raffle for plot owner only to participate on the discord server.

I will be really looking forward to run this with my partners and provide a platform where everyone can sell their items safely and create a better community! To celebrate this transformation, there will be a giveaway of 2,000 cubits on 14 Feb.

Join now at :


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    Good luck with this. There is a huge trust issue with rental markets (as there should be). When you say one of your partners is Momo, are you talking about MoeNoWing aka Momo?
  • Yes, I wish you the best of luck!
  • Moe no WingMoe no Wing Game Moderator
    I hate to admit but yes it is, and I am ashamed for being a partner. *eats popcorn*
  • I hate to admit but yes it is, and I am ashamed for being a partner. *eats popcorn*

    First comment since 2017.

    Good luck with the shop.
  • Over 10 plots rented on Day 01. Looking forwards for more ;)
  • *Aaronn* said:

    Over 10 plots rented on Day 01. Looking forwards for more ;)

    That's a good start. I feel this is going to go well for you and Momo. It's a lot of work, you're doing very well with that result in one day.
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