People buying all my stock all the time.

larwinlarwin Member
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How do you play this game I want to run a shop but not just one or two people buying everything i got every day. what are people building to need constant resources? don't these people ever take a break from the game?

why don't i understand this game. casual player in a hardcore world?


  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    If your prices are really low they could be buying everything to resell.
  • AshiMagariAshiMagari The internet :PMember
    Try checking other shops through the lobby to find a good price point for your stuff. If you're looking for resources to sell, ores and rarer blocks (marble, gems, etc) sell pretty well. Some of the more difficult things you can craft will sell well too (registers, accelorings, etc).
  • The game has a lot to do and sometimes my resources go fast so if you sell cheaper than other you most likely will get more customers.

  • I mean that's the point of running a shop. You sell.
    Who knows what they want to do. Build, craft, who knows.
    Bold of you to assume people don't take breaks xd
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