Add more pet features please

Please add a new feature to pets for example being able to dress pets up or pet animations it would be really cute :3


  • It would be pretty hard to code but being able to dress up pets would be cool.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    edited October 2019
    I'd love to have options to at least be able to change the pet colors, add a pattern (spots, stripes), and maybe change some feature like the eye or ear or tail shape (if they have them).

    In one game I played decades ago (Faunasphere), we could buy treats to feed the pets with different attributes. Would be cool if we could craft those treats too.

    Of course in that game, we could breed pets, with different colors and attributes and there were skilled breeders in the game (which was another skill set to develop) where you could get pristine animal eggs to hatch with high probabilities of having the attributes you wanted. Unfortunately, this game would need a major revamp to allow that level of breeding, I think.

    Over time, we were able to also 'dress up' our pets with different collars and hats. So that would be nice too.

    I think it was Nord that allowed us to have pets with animations like sitting, begging, jumping, etc. Those were some fun features to have also.
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