I’ve been Scammed

So, this man called Darius23145 was one of my old friends. I trusted him because I knew him for so long and I re-joined cubic castles and we became closer. He helped me with my shop and gave me so many clothes and hats and said they were mine to sell and collect profits. Also to test his trust he asked if he could try on my eyepatch, at first I was skeptical but then I let him which he then returned to me a few seconds later. Now I thought he was trusted and we continued making my shop bigger through a few days. Then today I decided to get some customers for my shop but he never teleported your me. I then found a customer called R1200. I came into my realm and there Darius was glass everywhere, broken blocks and I was gutted. The boy I trusted was taking my things and I had a witness to prove it and a photo of the aftermath. All he left behind were items he didn’t need anymore, a farmers hat and shirt. I had some help from KronuzPlayz and advised me to report it on the forums which I’m doing now. Please help me catch him because it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one he’s done this to. Catch him before it gets any worse, Yours sincerely _<#StarBucks#>_<#Coffee#>_


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