Possible delay to my sponsored event

(TL;DR at the bottom of the page)

Hi all,

As you may (not) know, I've been chosen to create a sponsored event since July. Unfortunately, I will have to put it on hold for a while (It was scheduled to come out in late August)

All of the questions below will provide suffice details:

Why did you make this thread?
To prevents threads like: "Where are other sponsored events" and "You scam the dev" from popping up in the future. (In fact, I haven't even requested the funds yet).

Does that mean you'll give up on your event?
No, read the title.

Oh, I see the word "delay" on the title now... Why though?
Short answer: Real-life problems
Long answer: Technically, I could still release the event on time. However, I want to make sure the event needs to be good enough, so I don't want to rush at all. I'd rather delay to get extra building time than rush and release a half-baked event.

When will you release your event then?
Mid-October is the new date. It's also pretty suitable for the event since it is Halloween season at that time of the game.

What about your current event? (5x5x5 Building Contest)
The judges and I will finish judging it on time. I can still be online and deliver monthly parkours as I claimed at the beginning of this year.

What should be expected from this delay of yours?
Better quality, better prizes and possibly a trailer/teaser (If it's worth the effort, you tell me)


TL;DR: My sponsored event will be delayed until mid-October due to life and quality assurance.

I apologize everyone for delaying the event. But I will surely make the wait worth it.


  • There hasn’t been much to do in the game lately, so I’m really looking forward to October now
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