The Tape Family

Who are we?
Uh, we’re an actual family that makes events. From I guess what I heard some of these clans fail. But if we can just make this work that’d be awesome.
This all started by some human Named FlexSeal, and he said we should be the MrBeasts of CC, and I’m like not a bad idea. We had money irl, so we decided to spend money and make things possible for other players. It really isn’t fun having a lot of money and not doing anything with it.
Who’s All in the tape family?

FlexSeal- Founder - He gets the financial stuff done and gives me crazy ideas to make possible with the funds we have.

ScotchMagicTape- Co Founder - Basically I’m in charge of making things and finding alternate ways possible.

MiniFlexSeal- Asistant Founder - Basically Does work me and FlexSeal forget to do or don’t wanna do

Can I get in Involved?

Yeah you can! There are two ways. The second way may not always be open. But it’s a try. The first way is you can either sponsor or help fund. We don’t take bribes or blackmail people. Or you could sponsor our events. And we give you credit for helping us.
Second way, you can either be Tape Family Staff, we are hiring probably 2 more. The only thing we ask is be active I guess. We have two senior staff members.
As soon as you join you will be newbie and then Junior. and you can work to be Senior if you’d like to be. But It’s top rank. You get paid a little more along the way! Yes Our staff members are paid! xD

FlexSeal-Head Founder
ScotchMagicTape- Founder
MiniFlexSeal- Assistant Founder
Phoenix_Wing- Senior Staff - Helper
Cutiepie9wu- Senior Staff - Retired
Punts- Former - Prior Role - Retired
CheeseyCat- Junior Staff- Personal
Day16 - Friend Administrative Senior- Traveler
SebzNebz- Junior Staff - Builder


  • We are no longer hiring until around mid July. We'll get the headquarters finished and having all of our staff members personal matters handled and then we will a uh get the events back and going :P
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    edited July 2019
    When one of your members scammed you and put a bomb to all of your builds
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