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After the war of Angels and Devils, the angel's treasure was passed to generations. During your journey, you saw a big old mansion and you happened to stop by. While exploring the mansion, you found a small room! You entered the room and you saw a door that leads you to the Angel's treasure. Unfortunately, the door was locked. You can open the door with a password. Using the clues given around the room, you can crask the code and you can enter the room Full of Treasure!
Since the room is full of treausure, you think twice if you will share it by everyone else. Or you can keep the treasure all for yourself.

Crack the password with the help of clues given around the room. If you succesfully cracked the code, it is up to you if you want to share the password to everyone else.

Major prize: Hypnosis glass (Black Glasses from April fools 2019)
Some prizes: Decorations (Xmas, Easter, Fall, Thanksgiving)

3.) PASSWORD IN WORDS: T...teen t....... ..... ....... ...... ....n

Spoiler: Schedule of events

The Season 1 of Enchanting Events has come to the Cubic Castles World! These series of events will keep our qbees busy at the same time, they will have fun playing these games. Of course! All games have prizes!!

Season 1 theme: Your move, Your choice, Your way, Your Destiny.

Just for me, or Share with you?

Start: June 19 (CC TIME)
Ends: When all of the prizes are gone/ Season 1 ends
Prize Range: Common-Event / Event Decorations,Wearables
Difficulty: Normal
Requirements: No perks, Critical thinking

-You found the Villain's Treasure! BUT the entrance in the Treasure was locked by the Angels! Angels inputted password to the door and you have to crack the password to get the treasure of the Villains.

-The Major prize can be recieved by the 20th player who can enter the Treasure room. If you cracked the password correctly, it is up to you if you want to share it (by posting the password in forums or Sharing it with a friend) or keep it to yourself so you can get the last prize?

Demolished Palace
Start: June 24 Ends:June 29
Prize Range: Common-Rares/Decorations-Rare Wearables
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Parkour Skills, No perks, Critical Thinking

-Slimezillas invaded the Easter palace! You have to catch those slimes with your own hands. Slimes have developed a skill where they can disguise as a Qbee! It is hard now ey?

-You have to catch the real criminal and put him in the jail!



*All donations are appreciated.*
*No Fees, Free to play*
*Feel free to suggest!*


  • I hope you can participate! Thank you
  • Event number 1 Is moved and is now opened to everyone! Visit the realm:The waves and Go in the door that is not locked. That is all! Sorry if I cant afford to buy an expensive prize. But I hope you guys have fun!
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