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Resources and Craftables
Shop Location: Jawad’s Water Wonderland. One of the first 4 main doors.

Accelorings: 25c each
Wind Machines: 35c each
Rehydraters: 30c each
Benches: 10/20c
Fancy cabinets: 2/8c
Old/new shelves: 10/15c
Fancy tables: 10/15c
Night tables: 5/10c
Small desk: 10/20c
Neck pot: 10/15c
Round pot: 10/15c
3-leg stool: 10/20c
Prison bars: 5/8c
Porcelain: 25/15c
Coal ores: 100/15c
Giant cornflower: 5/12c
Giant easter: 5/12c
Giant violet: 5/12c
Water: 100/25c
Giant pasy clump: 5/12c
Giant violet clump: 2/5c
Giant Easter clump: 2/5c
Scrubs: 5/12c
Watercans: 10/5c

Stone ores: 8/c
Iron ores: 10/c
Coal ores: 10/c
Silver ores: 6/c
Gold: 5/c
Rubber: 8/c
Cotton: 8/c

Taking orders on craftables! Add me or comment and I’ll get it underway.


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