Perks Suggestions (up to level 70+)

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Here's a list of suggestions for perks

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- Crops 1, 2, 3: Farm crops will have [5%, 10%, 15%] for double output.

-More Jump Animations: Backflips, Hand flap, front flips, etc.

- Stomp animations: Have a colored trail when stomping (can be modified in the profile)

-Font Styles: More. font.. styles.

-Packrat 3: a new empty inventory than can be accessed by clicking a button when the perk is obatained.

-Crit: chance to get a critical damage when using a harmwand.

-new emotes: more face emo :D

- Not hungry: Pets that you fed will have an hour more duration.

-Healer: Heal wands will have a 15% chance to heal a Qbee to full health

-Shrinker: Shrink wand's shrinking duration will increase by 1-2 more seconds.

-Almighty Croc: recieve the legendary crocskin @hat

-Health 2: You'll get 5 Hearts (Although I want it to be 7 hearts *wink* *wink*)

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Did you like this suggestion?
I didnt, why did I even make this thread :'-)


  • ChronosaurusChronosaurus Member
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    1+ I like these ideas
    I do think that the stomp animations and extra jump animations might be a little unnecessary though
  • [BN][BN] Member
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    TaLe oF SevEn HeArTs
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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  • AvachuelaAvachuela Member
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  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    I like em all
  • medicationsmedications Member
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    Changed the name of the Croc perk
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    Some of these perks are cool. But some of these are just, wouldn’t feel like cc.
  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler Member
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    Have no idea why Legendary croc @hat still not available
  • AkoSiGranicusAkoSiGranicus Member
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    Maybe replace the @Hat for Furry Delivery hat on next Email Prize?
  • Hideous DemonHideous Demon Member
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    i didn't like packrat 3 or crit or new emotes or healer or shrinker but the rest are kool xd
  • JerxldJerxld Member
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    +1 UwU <3
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  • medicationsmedications Member
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    @SirKewberth what do you think?
    Hopefully this suggestion would be put to the long list of plans.
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    Only one I don't like is the jumping animation,but the rest are cool, I don't really understand the 'not hungry' one though, please elaborate
  • medicationsmedications Member
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    Sarco said:

    Only one I don't like is the jumping animation,but the rest are cool, I don't really understand the 'not hungry' one though, please elaborate

    pet treat effects lasts for 1 hour I think, this perk would increase its duration by 1-2 more hours
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    These perks suggestions are most neat to see what we need for high-level players :3
    also i suggest
    1:Expert farmer:You can plant 2000 farm soils in 5 realm !
    2:Farm Tech 4:You can use seed tractor !
  • TreeSapsTreeSaps Member
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    +1 Stomp animations is a great idea
  • TyndaleTyndale Member
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    +1 all except probably the @hat bc getting tangible things from perks has never worked before, and I don't think SirKewberth wants to go through the whole ordeal again that he had to with the free cubits perk
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