A Notebook

You ever wanna craft something so you go to the cubic learning center and look at the recipe? But as soon as you arrive at your crafting bench you forget the recipe? Don‘t have this problem anymore with the notebook! It helps you organize *aaall*your recipes and important notes and you simply wont forget them anymore. This would be super handy for mobile players since for most gadgets you can‘t open another app while playing cubic castles and you wouldnt have to exit and re-enter the game again. I dont know if anybody recommended this before but it would still be a great idea! (and as someone who forgets quickly this would come in very handy :P) Or is there already a command for this havent been on cubic castles in a loooong time let me know ;D


  • +1 That's why i never do my crafting daily quests.... also if we could write in books and carry it, while its written.... That would be amazing too!
  • 1+ i could make a journal :D
  • I could publish learned articles
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