The Royal Mannequin [UPDATED - 4/17/19]

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Ahhh... pure beauty strikes the Mannequin of love.

In the overworld, there is a realm called “The Royal Mannequin” once you enter... your eyes will explode with power. You can feel it in your veins. There is one rule though... the rule of PURE HORROR!!!!! Never! Ever! Teleport to someone while they are in the realm. PUNISHMENT will be given to the Qbee who breaks this rule.... rumor has it... everyday the Mannequin will change what it’s wearing... and it’s previous hat.... will be in a prize dispenser for the first one to come and CLAIM the item it once wore.. having that item is a huge honor.. it changes at random times in the day.... you can’t ever see when it changes as it changes when no one is looking... ahhh.... amazing...

Once Apon A Time... there was a Qbee king by the name of King John VI. He was our rightful ruler and never stood down to anyone. One day while King John VI was asleep, someone had broken into his room and killed him with a harm wand. The villagers were so upset they invented the first mannequin in his honor, thus starting "The Royal Mannequin" tradition.

On 4/16/19 The Royal Mannequin was opened to the public after 20 years. Its starter hat is a High Hat.

On 4/17/19 The Royal Mannequin has been STOLEN. A police investigation is taking place now.


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