Qualis Building Services Co.

As, you may know I am a builder. And I thought about opening a CC Buisness. Our services range from Shops, Towns, Kingdoms, and much more. If you need examples search up; Fine Vending, King Love's Kingdom, Dino Rentals, and Grey Square (This one is messy).
If you want a realm built set up a meeting time below and I will inspect your realm and see what I will need plus, pay. If any more information is needed. I have a very qualified team that will Work to get the realm in High Detail, and quality very quickly.


  • Cool,who's the team btw?
  • DaDoggyDaDoggy Member
    edited March 2019
    I can say I am very partially in the team, I like to provide materials if it is needed, (for free, I give this treatment to my friends and newbies, and if I have spares) but I have my own builds to work on, and if i joined the building team, my biggest build won't finish until about 2020 or 2021.
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