Fiary Mines

AzsimuthAzsimuth FamiliarMember, Familiar
Just a little, hard to make it-into-the game suggestion here!
What if there were fiary mines?
They would be super-duper-rare and they would have ben made out of fiary blocks, could have new ores like Fiary Gem?
You would go there by crafting a Fiary portal with 5 gizmos, 10 crushed artifacts, 5 Fiary in a Jar, and 5 stainless steel blocks. You would power it with 10 Fiary in a Jar to enter, and to leave, nothing special, jut walk out of the realm.
Fiary Gem could be used in giving the shrink wand a recepie, OR could be sold just like crops. What do you think? Be honest about it!


  • LiberatedLiberated Member
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    I think you mean to say 'Fairy' not "Fiary"

    And no, I dislike this idea. Sorry.
  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • DaDoggyDaDoggy Member
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    Idk what the use of this would be (other than 3-5 new items)
  • -Alvin--Alvin- FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • nightbreezenightbreeze Member
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    Seems nice. However, I don't like the idea of more mines at the moment. Why not incorporate some of these rare blocks into pre-existing mines?
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