Which is better Roblox or cubic castles?CLOSE DIS!



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    I say they are equal.
    Roblox has more potential of a 'build whatever' game, but people use this for scams, escape the grandma obbies, etc. There are good games out there in Roblox (Meepcity, Robot 64, Epic Minigames, etc) but there are also bad games (Robux Scams, Escape the Obbies, Join for free admin, etc.)
    Cubic castles has a tiny bit less potential of a 'build whatever' game, being there is a set amount of blocks and no way of making different types of blocks (models in roblox) and there are not any scripts (WE DO NOT NEED SCRIPTS OR MODELS BTW), but you do not find as much bad builds in CC (they are either: abandoned, bad, meh, ok, good, great, awesome, etc) Usually, the bad builds come from starters, then it turns to an ok/good/great.
  • the latter.
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  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    i have an equal feeling about both so i didnt vote
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    Sarco said:

    sdgamez3 said:

    Cc is good and Roblox suks that is that if u like Roblox so much y don't u go and leave the forums? IDK XD

    I like all of my games 10x more than cc doesnt mean im gonna quit.

    incoming cringey msg by sdgames
    Haha l luve that ^

    Also Roblox kinda does hv some good games but I guess cc is kinda better on the whole free to do thing most Roblox games have a pretty looping sorta design but honestly I'm gonna say......

    Both games r boring now. Cc is going towards boring land, where Roblox is rn

    EDIT: I thought about it and I hv to hand it to Roblox, the looping puts up a good fight with boredom.
    Go play bubble gum Sim in Roblox and u will understand. (Maybe)
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    yeah thats the fun part of roblox, the games arent decided by the maker, but by the gamers of the game, so that means that there are always games that suits your taste, and cc is nice but the problem its like most other games, you do the most of the same
  • @ndplayz2468 just play any tycoon/sim game and you'll be addicted to the grind factor of all the same types of games

    grinding makes you want to play more. playing more gets you potentially addicted.
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