spoiler for overworld yeah

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supper exided

Wow I will be the first to place a ream there xD


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    thats been on there for atleast a year now lol - not new
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    aegis is gonna be released when theres no more space left in all overworlds that arent used much. edit: the person who wrote that is just a regular qbee so we cant really confirm thats true mate... id believe it more if someone like a mod or one of the admins was the one who wrote it. but til then, i think someone just put that there to promote false excitement.
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    if aegis were being released the devs wouldve told us. the person responsible for the edit cant prove this as true....
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    Aegis has been suggested by the developers a LONG time ago. It's as old as second overworld iirc and due to the appearance of lobbies we will never get it. It's NOT related to the upcoming update
    Now I kindly ask you to edit the entire thread. You will hype too many for nothing.
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    Pelago is the biggest Greek Sea
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    Ok sorry about that I had no idea it was old anyways NEVER I will never edit this

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    I saw that 2years ago lol
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    Lol what what that about??XD
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