URGENT ! Phina's Buying Thread.

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Buying Scuplty Pixels: 20/20c (I need around 3k Old Wood)
Buying Gargoyles: 200c Each
Buying Bookshelves: 100c Each
Buying Inside Stamps: 1,300c each
Buying Blue Fadey Foam: 3c/1
Buying 3 - 5 mannequins: 400c each
Buying Fancy Flooring: 20c/20 (Need around 10k)
Buying Persian Rug: 20c/20 (Need around 5k)
Buying ONE Bottomless Dark Stamp: 8k?
Buying Warp Anchors: 20c/1
Buying Gather Bumper: 1800c
Buying Glass: 20c/200

If you have a resource or decoration shop, you can drop some warp food at: "Phina Gardens."



Buying ONE Green Dame Grande Wig for 300c
Buying ONE Cupids for 6.5k


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