Christmas Building Contest #PengoEvent (EVENT OVER!)

Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
edited December 2018 in Player Events & Creations
Peng's Christmas Build Contest

Welcome to my Building Contest for Christmas this year :D! The plots are now closed!

Theme: Anything to do with Christmas, easy


1st: Santa Sled + Silver Pig / Cheshire Alice
2nd: Santa Sled + Bronze Pig Mr. Granicus
3rd: Santa Sled + Normal Pig *JulieSings*

Honorable Mention GreyCoralKing - Snowman Costume

This event only lasts 1 week so be quick! :D

This is meant to be a quick-build Contest, which is why you only have 5 days. You have until your plot runs out to retrieve your items, you'll have roughly 48-72 hours which is enough time. No one can re-rent as Bumpers will be removed once rented. Copying any builds will mean you're disqualified, play fair.


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