Monster grave

Selling monster grave more than 50k


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    I will accept the 50001c
  • MinifiedMinified Member
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    LateCom said:

    hey i will buy it 50001c or for 600c?

    Is this now a meme on the forums?
  • xDark_RavenxxDark_Ravenx Member
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    You still buy easter umbrellas for 600c? I sell
  • .Deathless..Deathless. Member
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    Is sad how people can't take seriously this guy..Very sad
  • tripjoyytripjoyy Member
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    Guys leave him alone.. he's asking if anyone buys a monster grave, not to remember his past actions. Also would 30k work?? I know super low price heh xd
  • UU Member
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    You can usually get more then 50k for them.
  • SilverDashSilverDash Member
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    Use a nametag, and hope people forget about it already.
    It's pointless bringing it up anymore.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    I can pay 600 golden shiny brand new cubits that I earned via hard work during the last 10 months. All my life savings, All my hope. 600 cubits. I hope that we can do the deal as soon as possible. Thank you, sir.
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