Green Course Door is Broken

The door in The Green Course has not reset for a full 24 hours. I have missed out on 3 candies from it now while I got all the rest of them from the others doors, which reset just fine.
Anyone have a spare Coco Caramel they don't need? :P


  • I pretty much believe its not cuz i farming every 8 hours and its fine for me
  • It worked for me yesterday a few times and i just got a candy from it a few hours ago.
  • I get candy from it :p
  • and here Jack is like the doors work just fine for me! Story of today is doors don't always drop candy for people and for many they are experiencing the green door but in other areas, consistently.
  • I got it this morning...
  • well this my thinks... the door work like prize mechine.. depends on how many people take the candys per hours.. and its will reset after like 100 people get the candys.. i got the candys on morning.. and i can got its back on night
  • UU Member
    I have gotten it 10 times since the event started.
  • I've gotten about 0 from the kewberths dungeon door.
  • just wanted to say, HI! xd
  • It is not...
  • UU Member
    Tried today and every door except the green course worked..
  • RIP me, I haven't even begun...
  • The greencourse gave me candy. But , I accidentally gave it to someone else
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