Suggestion: Upgraded Music Speaker

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The music speakers in the game are amazing. They add a unique feel and ambiance to any build. However, their range can be incredibly frustrating, as well as the amount needed to have music in a 100x100 realm. So why can't we have bigger ones? They cost more, obviously, but have a bigger range. The current speakers cover about a 25x25 block range before it gets quieter. The technical area is 29x29, but once you get further than 12 blocks away, the music gets quieter. Assuming you want all your music to stay the same volume when walking around the realm, we will go with 25x25.

But what if we had a speaker that covered a 50x50 area for, say, 5,000 cubits? Or maybe more, it depends.

You could say "why don't you just space out your speakers evenly apart?" Well, that's very hard to do in a realm that has unique terrain, hills, or mountains. And even if you space them out under the ground, what about going up? Their range is only 12 (or 14 when it fades) blocks upwards, and you probably don't want floating speakers in the sky.

We could even have a speaker that would give the entire realm, every corner of it, music. Maybe for 20k, I don't know. I just wish speakers were easier to use and not so time-and-money consuming.

@SirKewberth ;)


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