My Halloween Suggestion Thread

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I have been seeing alot of, “Halloween suggestion threads” so figured make my own, and give some ideas that would be pretty fitting trough the game itself.


• Witch Set
Will be including, it’s personal Witch skirt,
& a Witch broom, a witch

-A witch broom will hover you, or make you float as the same as what the Sub vampire costume does to the physical qbee body.

-A witch nose is basically a long green nose. etc.

• Wizard costume
You may be thinking huh? but we already have
a Santa beard & three wizard hats & a star
wands to do the trick, indeed you are right but.
We could have specific different cutted style
Beards & a star robewith
The same design as the Three wizard hats. &
a new wand introduced
That maybe be available publicly after the

-The Start robe will be the same as normal robes. although with Star designs aligned.

-The beards will be expetional. With maybe a few styles to it, or maybe a large clump of beard you recieve. & you can cut your own style on the crafting table, but we don't have scissors implemented yet in the game. So..

-Scissors! This will be a new item you can be able to craft yourself using easily obtained materials, and with the scissors being implememted. things that are to be made by scissors wether furniture or what else. New crafting recipes & new items will be introduced.

• Gorgon set
this set will be more of a Combat pvp handy,

-A Medusa head, gorgon
Gorgon heads
With these items you will
have the ability to Freeze your opponent
Turning them into stones. but not permanently
This won’t hurt your opponent but would freeze
Them on having a chance to draw a chance on
killing you. The side effects lasts about 20-30 seconds, & you can only use this effect every 5 minutes,to give a borderline between it.

Also, since medusa is well known on greek mythology. lets give her a proper Bloody greek designed dress.


• Pumpkin seeds. [ Oppinions & suggestions ]
I believe the Pumpkin seed should be on the recube store and not explicit on the Specific pack. i also thought about major game currency’s & consequences. I have also thought. NOT to have the Pumpkin seeds permanently on the recube store. It would be more logical to have it on the Recube store for a limited time. only appearing during the halloween season.

• Halloween pow
We have a easter pow, a xmas pow. both of them has fun function and adventuristic task making to obtain such kind. With the Halloween pow this should be like the Easter pow. But different tasks instead. and yes i have many ideas how this should work. bu maybe leave the devs to think of there own way :3

• Ghostly floating Foods
These foods will be a floating feast. seen alot on the movies how foods magically float or fly. i think we should have this.

I have many more ideas. but i’ll leave this for now like this. i’ll be bumping on some new ideas i’d like to share. but for now. settle my mind off and organize and pick the best features. let me know what you think about the suggestions i made. some may come in handy for Player vs player. & some are just for fun & some are things that can be inplemented in game yo open more unavaible things that will be available :3


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