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This isn't related to Cubic Castles, but does anyone want to create a collaborative level with me? I only need 1-2 partners.
I have already chosen a song, though if you happen to have a better one up your sleeve, let me know. I searched Newgrounds for AGES and couldn't really find the perfect song, so I just settled for a decent one.

- You must be at least moderately skilled at level-building; I want it to look good
- You must have Discord so we can message back and forth

Time isn't really an issue as I am very busy irl so there's no rush or deadline to complete this level.
I haven't decided on a name. That'll be the last step, I suppose.

I will divide the level into sections, and we each work on our own sections only. No touching the others.

Just thought this would be something fun to do :D
My in-game GD username is, of course, JackFury.
I will ask a mod to close this discussion once I get my partner(s). Don't comment on here, PM me. I'm guaranteed to see it that way.

Edit: I should point out that this is not a "first come, first serve" project. I will wait a while until I have multiple messages, then I will select who I want to work with. Be patient, I probably won't immediately reply to your message :)


  • Great, noone has ever seen my new skills. My previous levels were so nub, but didn't finish my last levels.. So idk..
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    I can build a good glow style. You can check my old levels (currently making a new Glow Style Level)
    Just incase my IGN:
  • I haven't played gd in months but im not too bad at creating. I never uploaded any of my good levels because i never finnished them. A collab would he fun but i dont think i got the time to be in one. But when you finnish your collab then i would be glad to play it.
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    i am god i can do this and make the best level in history of ever

    So can i be in the collab
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