My Discord Server

Hi everyone! Could you please join my discord server?

Its got a great staff team (where you can apply to be an outstanding staff member), its got memes, its got giveaways, raffles and many more events. You can share your pictures in any channel, but its prefered to be sent in the general chat, the memes Channel or the screenshots channel. Our warning system is very fair and generous - you get atleast 1 chance before any warn, and we will remove your warn if it is unfair/needed/harsh. BONUS: If you join the server from this thread, you will be given 5000 of the server currency and a special Joined From Forums Role!

In about 1 or 2 days (from when this thread has been posted), we will be holding a 50 member celebration event! We are still planning what we will do, though.

If you have any problems about the server, please tell Me.
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