Some item/options suggestions

I thought up some items that could be useful but idk :v

Buying machine> The opposite of a vending, the player puts in how much C they are willing to spend, then you give a list of every item in Cc, they choose it and set a price, it’s like the farmers coop tbh

Little Man pet For halloween> i tought it would be cool k, and like in lv50 they turn into a golden werewolf :v

A Recube piggy

The option of recubes in cash regs

And honestly that’s it
You people can tell me what u think so heck


  • Good list of stuff there but...
    Buying machine... I already suggested a similar machine and many ppl before me have done it too... you can have a look at my thread here —>
    Little man? We need a better and personalised pet? Maybe a little werewolf who is already a werewolf and turns to a flying wolf at 50 or maybe even a vampire
    Recube piggy and recubes in register... ok-ish but in registers ppl can fool noobs saying recubes are better than cubits... many times you get recubes cheaper than cubits so ppl can get fooled anyway
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