Limited Items

Make limited Items that are paid.

It's okay if one item takes about one to two months to make as long as it looks attractive and worth buying.

* Limited Pets, Shirts, Pants, Wearables, Critter, or even Wings.
Add a Picture of a Qbee wearing the Item: Front and Back.

* In that way, Patrons can buy stuffs that are unique and appreciated, also the limited item would not go under 10k depending on the style of making it like the Dragon Pet.

I'm sure that when a person sees an awesome textured wing or a new wearable I'm sure it wont drop down in a snap.


  • Depends on admins
    @SirKewberth @CosmicCow
  • I know that paid features aren't appreciated by all. As Late said not many is fine, but if they add like tons of paid limited items, it would look like these pay to win games (of course nothing to win, but the items to get).
  • My think is that, Devs wanted to make good Items for us in packs and stuffs, but when a person bought a thing with money even if a small price then it will be a small gift for the devs for their hardwork.
    So not only patrons benefits things but also developers.

    And also, People who are hardworking can buy it like Docs and Nurse hats. Patrons can just buy it to show support for the limited item's work.
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