Imp’s Suggestion Thread


1. Be able to price vends that are on a rented area. this would help huge shop owners a lot as well as easier item selling at rentals

2. Check who rented the space on a rental: you will see the name of the player who rented the area by looking at the plot time!

3. Make a “Perk Bumper”! This bumper will stop/give players’ perks. Could be useful for games where you want equal rights, like making it a 1-hit game that could be useful for hide&seek and stuff.

4. Make the owner of the prize dispenser decide if they want the dispenser to autoreset or not (right now it autoresets and sometimes owners don’t want it to) you could make 1-prize giveaways, unlimited warpfood dispensers, etc.!

5. /trusteds, /banned commands, like /owner but with other functions!


  • LilWizardLilWizard Member
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    +1 , I see no.2 and possibly (no.3- don't fully get it though) being useful... especially if the owner of a rented area has decided to go walkies for a bit.
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    +10 to everything excluding 5
  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler Member
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    +1 for all except 5
  • 14.65 Karma
    Bump, these are still awessome suggestions :P
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