Ambience and Wind Chimes

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We have music, now it's time to step up the game! Ambience blocks! They work like music speakers and have the same range, but instead of playing music, they add ambience to your realm. Ideas for ambient blocks:

- Chirping birds
- Bubbling brook
- Wind
- Waves crashing on the shore
- Eerie sounds (Halloween)
- Sizzling (for lava / volcano themed realms)
- Buzzing flies
- Murmurs of conversation (like the sound of a room full of people talking)
- Flourishes (random harp and piano sounds every now and then)
- Seagulls (would go well with the crashing waves one)
- Buzzing, beeping and humming (would go in a laboratory around equipment)

You could place multiple ambience blocks in the same area to create a layered effect. This would add so much sound quality to builds!

On that note, I have another block suggestion: wind chimes! You can place them hanging from something, and they have a slightly swaying animation and create a tinkling sound when you're in range.


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  • Hundred percent yes please! Builds more often than not feel lifeless and this would be a key ingredient to giving another layer to builds. The price for the speakers would need to be less than that of music because as it is music rarely gets used due to the cost.
  • Loving it Jack!
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Game Moderator
    +1 :O
  • Yep +1
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Yeah I like it. Nice idea. I actually wanted to do some ambience speakers/sounds. The slightly tricky bit is doing it without raising the download size a ton, because if you just use a recording of a forest or something like that, the file size jumps up.. So you kind of need individual sounds and a system to play them randomly. But it would definitely be a nice addition.
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