Guess That Kids Show!

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Guess That Kids Show!

Yes,you heard the title...
You have to guess the kids show. Let me give you an example:

THATANNOYINGTRAIN: Here's a kids show. He yellow and absorbent!
Dunulld Trook: Is it ghbufemnuwnjnwecjiew?
*Extreme Bunny*: Is it SpongeBob SquarePants?
THATANNOYINGTRAIN: Correct! *Extreme Bunny* is the one that can make others guess.

The game has to follow the forum game rules.
Keep in fact that it has to be a KIDS show. Please do not request shows that are not suitable for under 10.
Please do not say off-topic stuff. It ruins the game.
If the player that is guessing wins the game by guessing the show that was correct,the requesting is rewarded to the player.
The requester needs to say the winner's name when they win. If not,this could lead to confusion.
And no,it can't be a movie or a book.
The shows has to be rated TV-Y,TV-Y7,TV-Y7-FV.

Make sure you don't make it obvious. This might challenge the guessers.

I start it off:
It's a show where monster-like creatures fight mouse-sized,black and white creatures to protect their small,two-coloured


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