CONFUSION about tokens

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People have been telling me that if you put any (amount of tokens) Today then (another any amount of tokens) tomorrow, the ones you placed TOMORROW will be the amount of tokens you placed and everything you placed Today/Yesterday will be gone, is this true?

Still confused look here:

A Qbee places 100 tokens on the token box, on April 2nd 2018

On April 3rd 2018 The same Qbee places 26 tokens.

People have been telling me that:

The tokens on April 2nd will be GONE

100 and the tokens on April 3rd will replace it as his/her entry.

Is this true?

Also, is this the right place to put this discussion?


  • RarixRarix Member
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    l don't think so, it will be counted as 126 tokens.
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    I am also confused because when you put 100 tokens in, it says you entered the raffle 100 times
    next day when you put 30 tokens in,it says you entered the raffle 30 times.
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
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    I'm 99.9% sure that all raffle tokens that are entered at anytime in the month will be all be entered into the raffle for the prize.
    The only one who can answer this are the admins.
    @sirkewberth @CosmicCow

    @Flooks what your saying is basically how many times you entered the raffle in that one time event. Its not an accumulative total of the times you've entered the raffle in said month.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
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    No they all add up. You don't haev to put them all in on the same day. Basically all the tokens you put in up until the next raffle is drawn count as chances to win.
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