Came back to say goodbye...

RightMakerRightMaker PhilippinesMember
i wouldn't make a very long essay for this due on busy schedules so forgive me (same with my bad english)
just wanna let everyone know that i left the game already since the 1st month of 2018...
a hard reason why.
i love the game so much! very much!
I'm very thankful to meet a very special friend in game
he helped me on different kinds of problems on both in game and out.

i still have no idea coming back but i will try one day

Lastly, Thank you game for the good memories!

If you want to contact me:
Main FB:Givin' with the trustworthy persons only (Just PM me i'll be active for the 1 week)




Farewell... :')


  • Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    please refrain from making these threads, its best left on your activity wall.
    sorry to hear you go!
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