people are mad over nothing

people are mad at me and ill tell you why their was a rental at pens yard rentals it had 1min left their was some items in it people where all over it so i tryied and i ended up buying it and now the ownr of that rental and his buddys are saying very aggressive stuff and said their getting admins and mods that i scammed in my opinion its not scamming from the so many supporters saying i did nothing and i also think i did nothing so plz support me


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    You did nothing wrong as it’s their fault for not taking their own stuff or rerenting it. If they’re saying offensive things I would send a private message to a moderator (With screen shots) so they can be dealt with. Although, it may be polite to return the items if they have proof they are their items.
  • i feel personaly that i was being targeted when they made little groups reporting me and calling me scammer i felt really sad and didn't understand what i did wrong considering it was their responsablity to take their items when its time but i agree with you thanks for the support
  • Scare them, don't let them bully you.. Screen their "bad words" and go in discord > Semi official server > #help_request_swearing (NSFW channel) >

    Send pictures you took
    In game name:
    Accused person name:
    Accused person realm name:
    What happened:
    @Game Moderator
  • ty for the support vicream much appreciated
  • close this plz problem was solved
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