Garden Of Harmony And Cosplay Cafe

Garden Of Harmony
Stressed because you cant seem to sell your stuff or buy what your looking for?
Come to the Garden Of Harmony a place of relaxiation, Or if you just want to hangout and make new friends.

Cosplay Cafe:
So Basically i noticed i had too many hats that no one wants to buy cause they are the so called "Noob" Hats.
So i decided i liek coffee so im going to put a cafe here. I Just dont have that much mannequins. (only 1)

So Basically What Im Saying Is, Its boring to go around and tell people Buy this Buy That!
In my Opinion the game is for making new friends, and Building stuff
So If you want to hangout come to

Melody's Shop (yes yes i know, (i dont have official papers) yeaah.... Its not a shop though)
So thats basically it.
Just come if you want to roleplay and hangout, If im not in the realm Invite your friends i dont mind.

Here are some pics. (still gotta keep my hats for Cosplay Cave dont mind em)


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