Letter of Hope.

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Today. I met a person. By a friend. He was full of Negativity. As the way He speaks. Talking about the past and about he's old life, at first i didnt really Payed attention. And as i felt negativity too. I joined the conversation slowly By asking. and Equalizing my Emotion to what he's Feeling. And as time pass by. He slowly and starts to talk about he's past, i asked him. Stuffs that were mixed with Sad sentences. And he says. He misses he's old account. And i asked. Why? Wheres your account. and He said it got permanently banned in cc. I said ' im sorry for you. ' and he said. Theirs no need to say sorry. Then he Speaks about 2 very nice friends. and he says. They were the ones why he got banned. And i said. ' either those friends are fake or something else ' & ' i may be wrong. Or right.. ' he says: Yeah Your close. And then as i Speak using Sad sentences he speaks again saying. Do u know xyvil? And i knew him. He Speaks Fastly saying. What was he like. And etc. and i said " i knewed him. But i wasnt that close to him " he says i see. And tells me more things about me. And suddenly i realized. Trough puzzling he's story and emotion. I realized he might be Xyvil.. And then i Asked him slowly who were u? And i was right.. He was xyvil. He later showed me what he wored and showed me he's old realm. And it was very nice and beautyfull. I slowly thought why could such one who Builts beautyfully and helps so many peoples. And one who Helped the community to get better. Just get banned. I slowly asked him. " why did u Got banned.. "
He says. He was banned doing things while he was drunk. And this was kinda unbelievable. And an unconvincing Reason tbh. But i felt sadness and honest trough him. He brought me this place where he had a beautyfull build. We climbed one of he's ships and he gies tk the edge. I slowly said. I dont get why u got permanently banned. I promised him that i will help him. And as i said that. Hes negativity emotion. Was lightened for a little bit. He says " I will Seal my fate for my safety " and i said are u leaving. He says. Yes. And by that i get hesitated and Sadness. I didnt want him to leave because i wanted to Make him. Realize theirs still hope. But i was weak. I wasnt able to do that. But i said. " Dont leave. We will be sad. " he says. Theirs no we. Theirs and I for you. And he said. If u do help me. Tell them about he's story and the tale of xyvil. And then he said farewell. | I felt sadness. I really wanna help him. Im not he's friend. I just joined a serious conversation. Until i Saw realities i wanted to help him so he can See hope. This is a letter for the community or to the devs. And yes i am "Convincing" i trust him. All i want is. To see One smile and see's hope again. All by that I am happy, many peoples might say this is a drama or etc. but its just a Message/letter. I am dramatic yes.

Atleast, i did one thing Right..
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    Permabans are not just handed out for little crimes.
    This sounds like a classic case of only hearing one side of the story.
    A very selected and cherry picked side of the story.
    Blaming stuff on alcohol is the lamest excuse ever too.
    You are still responsible for your actions even while drunk.

    Support are the only ones who can permaban. Support has access to server logs and only bans people for serious stuff which are verified before action is taken.

    The fact that he's bypassing his permaban is obviously a bannable offense in itself.

    Going to close this. Mods can't and won't unban him.
    He can contact support if he has an issue with his ban.
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