Missing Items

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I haven't played in quite a while due to schoolwork, but I do remember the things I owned. Yesterday when I came online, I placed my realm down, along with a Tiny Keep stamp. Needless to say, the stamp disappeared on me. At first I thought it was just lag, but my realm isn't taking the form of the tiny keep. Additionally, when I check my storage, several of my items from holiday packs were missing. From what I can remember I'm missing two witch hats, 1 zombie, 1 robot, and one orange and red scarf. The only person who has access to the room is my younger brother. He doesn't really play, and I can trust him. Nothing in the room has changed except some of the cabinets were completely empty. Not exactly sure what happen, so any help?


  • I guess the only way would be to send a ticket to support
  • ^^
    Contact support. This also happened to another person, the conclusion was to contact support. So if you haven't, do that.
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