Classical Music Fans

Maybe some of you guys like classical music, like Für Elise or Hungarian Dance No.5, but it's your taste. I love classical music, with any instrument, but you maybe want to go a next step further sometimes :D Like me, instead of listening to it, I decided that I want to learn the piano.


  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
    I Do enjoy classical.
    Bach - Toccata In D Min <3
  • Nice BJD, I listen to Bizet, Wolfgang and Beethoven and I know 'Ode to Joy' or in German 'An Die Freude' and in French, 'Hymne à la Joie'
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
    I'd like to share some of my favorite remixed classical/instrumental tracks.

  • La Campanella played by Evgeny Kissin is my favorite recording of all time.
  • Cladsical music made me loved violin! :O
    i also heard their remix too
    Beethoveen love story
    tchaikovsky swan lake
    dance of the sugar plum fairies
    la campanella +1
    vivadi winter
    etc.... XD
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