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First, let me thank everyone for the help you give in this forum section. I really appreciate all the good information I find here.

My friend and I would like to start a clan. The Wiki had the basic info, but I would like to know the following.

1. I was in a clan once. They had their clan stone stolen. (This incident caused so much chaos and swearing that I quit the clan!) How can that happen? Can the clan administrators restrict who has access to moving the stone? We are thinking of building a special room for our clan stone to limit access when my friend and I are not in game. Does that make sense?

2. There is a shop that sells pieces of the clan stone. I am assuming these are the prices one buys when the clan levels up. What would be the advantage to buying them from a shop? Do they have a purpose other than decorative?

3. Does the person who buys the stone have total control over the clan?

4. Does the person who places the stone have total control over the clan?

5. Does the person who owns the realm in which the stone is placed have total control over the clan?

Thanks. Just trying to know what I am getting myself into! If you have any opinions pro or con about creating a clan, please feel free to make a comment. I would like to know what you all think.


  • I don't have so much experience when it comes to clan but best advice I could give is start with a small one xD I tried doing one before where I started up with an advance one like a rental shops, etc. and tbh it was so hard to manage cause all I think is that the members might leave if I don't do activities related to the clan... hmmmm also expect that members would tp to you and ask for stuffs mostly to rank them up and so...
    I ended up discontinuing the clan and get a bit more experience first, but anyways this are just my own experiences though, others might not experienced like mine but I feel like I wanted to share it cause Im planning on creating one too ^^ anyways goodluck creating you clan :D

    I'll try to answer some of the questions:

    2. Clan stones were just a deco, I'm just not sure whether other higher clan officials could buy ,but when the leader buys it, the clan stone given is actually random, you can't choose whether you buy clanstone 1 etc. (advantage for me is profit that could be used as funds for the clan, as clan xp is automatically generated overtime, you can buy clanstones without spending cubits)

    3. depends if that person is the one placing it.

    5. nope, except if that person placed the clanstone.
  • Thank you, Kurt. Very helpful! :)
  • Dear Shaanti,

    Myself I own a clan and I can answer your questions!

    1. The clanstone can only be stolen if someone in the realm/room where the clanstone is placed has perm. So ONLY trust 100% trustable people.
    2. Yes, clan xp is generated while other members earn xp, so a clan with 50 members will get max xp in one day, the clanstones are just decoration, they have no use, but they’re actually cool.
    3. 4. 5. The person who buys the stone doesen’t have control over the clan, total control could mean, breake stone or kick all members out. This could be happened, breake the stone, if the qbee has perm in the realm. Kick all members out is only available if you are leader. You can have control of the clanstone, (by stealing it) if you have perm but the clan menu will only open if you are a member, and the things you can do are limited by clan ranks, YOU get the ability (leader) to change other’s ranks or kicking people out.

    Hope this helped :)
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    Also I'd like to note about clans is that any clan leader can demote other leaders so be careful of who you make leaders. That is a big way to lose a clan is when another clan leader demotes you and they own the clan now and can just purchase another clan stone to keep the clan. I've tested it out with my clan leaders.
    Be careful who you make a leader since ALL leaders own the clan.
  • Thanks everyone This is most helpful. I really appreciate your help.
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