Ed's Builds

  Ed  Ed Game Moderator
edited October 2017 in Player Events & Creations
Made this to share some of my better projects
Ill probably update this occasionally

Own Builds

Super Amicorum, Realm: Super Amicorum

Christmas Cabin, Realm: Ed's Snowy Cabin

From competitions

Waterfall/Fountain Copmetition hosted by Mr. Penguin

Racetrack Competition hosted by Jrady

Valentine Competition hosted by Superxtreme

Builds made for others

NEW: Halloween Tree built for Helping Hands in Helping Hands Clan Base

Girly Farm House made for Jadabug in Wonderland's Farmlands

Lodge built for iCantiWill in iCantiWill's Farm

Unfinished projects

Super Amicorum Race, Realm: Super Amicorum Grand Prix

City of the dead, Unaccessible

Military base, Unaccessible

Super Amicorum Hall, Realm: Super Amicorum Castle Hall


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