dream Escape Map

Heyy their :D My Name is Valyreena, for 8Months i have been Waiting to Post This Creation of mine

It Tooked me 1year, to finish this mega project. This project Is very important To me, not because the Map was
So Hard to Build, but. The memories i made with in it, i grew Up in cc with this Map, someTimes
I wanted to give Up and nuke this project Because, I wasnt sure If i was able to finish it, but because of my friends
They encouraged me to finish it, their were times That i Hollad in this place, But it wasnt enough to let the whole
Community know that this build exist's, everytime i Holla'd in this place, somepeoples would diss the build, and it
Really made me sad. I do understand that Somepeoples Doesnt really Like the concept of it but somepoeples
Would just Diss the build like "This is trash" "This is ugly" and yes sorry if its trash But, for me It's Art
Somepoples Might think, you cant Always Let peoples like ur stuffs, and yes i know But how would You feel
If One of ur project or stuff That You worked really hard on Get's Dissed, would that make You happy?
For me it make's me sad, i just want to say that, This Build exist's in cc.
Thank you! Now plz click that Tiny thingi down their :D that's the pictures For the Build ^^ Enjoooy

heres the pictures! I really hope youd like it ^^

I Hope You liked it :D plz dont Bully me for this ><
Also if u ever wanna Check the Realm itself go to The lobby and just search " Dream Escape "
Their are also certain Places that are connected to this realm like " Hinter amusements and other Museum's "
Thank You :D

The realm is open now!
the realm is open now!


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