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  • My favorite memory is when you made this thread.
  • you remind me of someone
    i won't even say it
    my favorite memory is when cc was shut down for ever in 2018
  • Hi ALL*
    Bye ALL*
  • soap barsoap bar Member
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    In the name of God.
    Hi all
    I would like to say, I really didn't LIKE that guy that we don't speak of because he was just a silly spammer. Very annoying.
    That's all I have to say
    Bye all
  • lucaaa795 said:

    iN tHe nAmE oF gOd
    Hi aLL
    *insert article copy pasted from cubic wiki*
    bYe aLL

    In all seriousness tho,he was a good guy.Maybe a liiiîiiiiiiil bit weird,but a good guy

    ignore the karma spamming and not reading the rules
  • HI ALL
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