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So we were caught a little off guard this morning as Betamax mentioned casually on his forums that he was transitioning to full time work on another game series of his. One of the Cubic players saw that and made a thread saying Betamax was leaving cubic castles and players are wondering what's happening. (and maybe panicking a little!)

Well don't worry folks. All is well.

First, Beta Cos and I have known each-other for years and we each have/had our own companies releasing games before Cosmic Cow. I've even done a little work on some of Beta's games. We came together to work on Cubic Castles as it was too much work for just a single developer. Around thanksgiving last year Beta wanted to work on another title and decided to take some time off and I transitioned into doing some of his usual tasks working on some of the artwork and packs, and Cosmic and I have been updating the game for some time now on our own. So Beta is still around and I speak with him every day, and he will help as needed, but in terms of Cubic development it has been this way for some time. So actually there are no internal development changes happening to the game right now. They really all happened last year. There are no plans to make major changes to Cubic development in terms of cutting back updates or anything like that. A lot of the work Beta did early for the game has been completed (the engine that runs the block display for instance) and a lot of the work that I did is also complete so we were able to transition into different jobs over time.

Update speed really has to do with how big the update is and if its just a pack or an update to the main game etc.. Farm pack has been in the works for a while because it's a bigger update and more of a game change than just a pack with some farm themed items in it.

Anyway.. I hope that clears things up guys.

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