A vends scammer, sorry for not posting on scam reports

YoussYouss Member
Sorry for not posting this at scam reports because I once posted a scam on scam reports and none responded... Really sorry about that
Like a day ago there was a scammer he scammed my friend 9k when my friend kindly went back to ask him the scammer banned him..
The scammer is "Cubic_TRM" then he changed his name to "[TRM]Redwood Boy" with a nametag after I threatened him that I would post on forums... My friend went to a fake lobby where he found him giving some stuff to his main account (alternative accounts are against rules too..) then I came in when I found him talking to the scammer told him to give my friend his c back or I post on forums
Then he cursed at me and banned both of us... Also not first time for him to scam he did it before many times
VVV Photos for proof


  • Y1_s2Y1_s2 Member
    edited May 2017
    YE is scammer he scammed me 20k (vend -->change price 1c to 20k :q:)'¤'
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