Cormorant - Destroyer of the Caldari State [WIP]

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So basically I just thought of doing something so I don't get bored. >_>

And I was like:

Why not build a few EVE Online ships?

"Oh, I love Caldari, so why not a Tech 3 ships cuz they look cool? :3"
So I went in EVE Online, got a Tengu then took as many pictures of it, 10 to be exact.

But uh, I tried. Tengu is too big for even the maximum size of a room. "XD

So I picked the Cormorant, the 2nd placer for a good looking ship I can build, and it's a bit easier to replicate. :D

Description: (taken from EVE Online and EVE Uniwiki again >_>)

The Cormorant is the only State-produced space vessel whose design has come from a third party. Rumors abound, of course, but the designer's identity has remained a tightly-kept secret in the State's inner circle.

The Cormorant shines as a cheap sniper, able to engage at over 90 km with T2 railguns loaded with Spike. For shorter ranges, there is usually a better option, but in a pinch Cormorants, like other destroyers, can be used as disposable high-DPS ships.

So uh yeah gimme some suggestions or tips about the spaceship. X"D
cormor1.png 348.2K
cormor2.png 178.4K
cormor5.png 200.8K
cormor6.png 254.4K
cormor4.png 347.5K
cormor3.png 473.6K
cormor8.png 84.6K
cormor7.png 666.5K
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