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If I made a forum suggestion thread about this before, it's been WAY too long ago, so whether there was a faraway effort or no effort at all, let me refresh the notion. The building is fun, the exploring is cute, and we're all excited for cars...but did you know that the Almighty Cube used to be an ordinary Dirt Block until it was blessed with its divine power by Betamax?

I want more tidbits like that. It doesn't have to be a Bioware game, @CosmicCow @SirKewberth @Betamax but I would like some more reason to care about the Cubic Universe. I want all the most outstanding realms to play a role in Cubic Lore! Like find some way to weave the story of the Adventure Mode into the overarching Cubic Existence (How does the story of "The Chosen Hero" relate to Qbees at large? Just MENTION it somewhere outside of the Adventure Mode!), or even @space_fetus "A Tale of Seven Hearts" into the mix. And at the risk of sounding all "Notice me Senpai", I'd be THRILLED if there really were "Official Realms" named "Capital City" and/or "Paladin City"! :D The Mods have their office, which definitely needs to be a central point of interest, like the Ministry of Defense and the 3 Realms that are in "Capital City" now: Cubic Learning Center, Cubic Town Center, and Cubic Jail.

Cubic World has the potential to be filled with such wonder. And I want to explore and pioneer that wonder! :D That was, in fact, part of the intention when I invented Tales of the Order!

To help give you thoughts to get started, let me ask you a few "trivia questions":
There's the wizard's tower as part of a Quest Pack, so with wands and gems and all that, can Qbees potentially become psychic or wizards themselves? Have any learned Telekinesis?
Is there such a thing as age and "growing up" or are all Qbees born equal and fully "adult"? Do Qbees have lifespans? Can they potentially die of old age?
The Qbee Village as seen in the Quest Pack...and the Qbee Village in the Adventure Mode...both share a VERY SIMILAR name. Are they the same village?!
The Cosmic Cow did launch a space ship to the stars and even had a space station. Are there any other notable means to space? Any "starports", or is space tech still in the Earth-like stages where going to space requires elite training and dedication?
Are there any "Hero" Qbees? I know the unnamed "Chosen One" is one, but any others? I know the museum in the Adventure Mode and the 10-piece artifact blocks (like the fossil, cave painting, etc.) hint at times long ago and mention a couple names, but who invented the nuke? Who invented the Wands, or even the Cannons? Are any other Scientists working on "improving" cannon tech - like shrinking them down into rifles?

And every time you see

That's me trying to nudge the Cubic Universe to take a figurative running-start towards this suggestion. Sure, take my ideas; I'd be honored if they were officially integrated. In my opinion, as a writer, we need more Cubic Lore.


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    to be fair a tale of seven hearts is set in a universe where magic has long since vanished (there is no magic in cubic castles?) so when the player enters the alternate dimension of magic they effectively leave the cubic universe :p
    anyway i know you love lore so have this history of Midgar (the main city of my story) to keep you going

    1000 years ago the great city of Midgar was little more than a collection of villages scattered around the great isle. The land was wrought with disease and famine and the wars between the villages escalated brought on by religion and political views. But then the wizards came, no one remembers where they came from but come they did, they united the people of Midgar and in doing so erected six towers as a tribute to each of the elemental magic’s. The wizards divided themselves amongst the towers
    And devoted their lives to studying the magic of: water, fire, and earth, wind, light and dark. With the help of the wizards the villages thrived expanding in all directions, some into the sea and some up the sides of the mountains until the villages were united under the banner of a single city Midgar. For a while there was peace in the land but 100 years later the wizards of the water castle tipped the natural balance and in doing so caused a great flood to sweep upon the land, the flood submerged parts of the land sweeping all trace of buildings from it and eroded giant sections creating islands and caves which can all still be seen to this day. But the other wizards using the elemental powers they had obtained restored the natural balance and life went on once again. Over the next 200 years the city prospered building even larger buildings of more durable materials and as the wealth of the city grew so did the people stretching out into the sea building buildings on the water and even moving to neighbouring islands. The earth wizards feeling the balance of nature had been disturbed began to grow plants where ever they could, around houses even within caves and on the side of cliffs and the wizards of light helped them keep the balance by making sure all the plants prospered no matter how little light they received. All was well for the next 500 years but again the wizards meddled and again the balance was tipped, this time by the fire wizards. The sky was alive with fire, giant flaming rock fell from the sky in the hundreds smashing and burning where ever they fell. The city was alive that night with the screams of a thousand voices crying out and burning. The rocks destroyed huge areas of the city, buildings cut off from the rest of the city now stood alone on sheer cliff walls and buildings on spits of land now stood on their own pillars out to sea. The wizards fearing that this was to repeat itself throughout history devised a plan to stop this from ever happening again. They constructed giant castles, one for each of the elements and in each castle they created a heart, binding all of the elemental magic to the heart of the castle, they would use these hearts to draw elemental power but in doing so would never be able to take enough power to upset the balance of the natural order. As a second safety measure they erected a seventh castle, this castle was different to the others however, this castles heart was designed to keep all of the others in check, if a heart gained to much power the seventh would siphon it off and store it within itself, to prevent any one of the elements from upsetting the balance. This castle was sealed off with six doors each door could only be opened by someone infused with elemental powers meaning that to open the door all six elemental factions would need to be present, and so the city saw a new age of peace and happiness and for the next 200 years all was well. Over the years the wizards learnt many new things as well as many of their limitations, they discovered a new dimension which they named the nether, some even went as far as to say there was a third, but this was met with sceptics by the majority. As the wizards pushed their boundaries they soon discovered more about the universe around them and theorised that there must indeed be others like it and so the dream pool was born. This magical glade was housed in a building of the upmost security, they created 8 beacons around the building, and only when these were lit did the dream pool have the power to transfer a person across to parallel universes. The power sources of these beacons were scattered to various islands around the world, one was housed in the protection of the wizards, but for the ones spread to the corners of the globe, civilisations sprung up around them, what had first been a means to protect the beacons had become a means to scatter people to the four winds and this is how the people came to be settled around the world. As time went on the guardians of the dream pool gathered a great many prophecies from all over the world and dimensions beyond, their secondary duty was to protect anyone who might for fill a prophecy and make sure that any evil did not come to pass.
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