The Random pack

There should be a pack.A pack qbees could a pack which name is ??? And description is ??? Too and there will be like tons of items,some of them very rare and ppl never know what they will get...and if theres something more to discover.


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    Yeah!! >:) >:) >:)
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    i smell EA lootboxes
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    do this only on april fools lol.
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    o.o that would be cool if you had a chance to get basically anything that ever came out, you could open like 1m packs and get different things most if the time.
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    I think this discussion was necroposted...
    For the discussion, the concept of the idea/suggestion is very similar to the dehydrated cube concept. You never know what you get if you rehydrate the cube (unless it's the golden cube), it could be good or bad. For the pack idea, you never know what you're getting if you purchase the pack. It could be good or bad as well.
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    Better for april fool
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