HPS Summer Build Contest! (10,000c Prize)

Ahoy There!
Helpful Pirate Society is holding a Summer Building Contest! It will be open to all members of Cubic Castles. Add @LucieWinterwolf to get yer building plot and get started! Entries will be voted on by a panel of judges, according to originality, theme, quality, and design.

  • Players may build on the plot and in a room or realm placed on their plot. Realms/rooms must be 33 X 33 or less.
  • Each player gets one plot to build on. No alts may be used in order to have multiple plots per player.
  • The theme is " Pirate's Summer Holiday."
  • The winning rooms or realms will be placed in our HPS Winners Gallery. Winners shall be reimbursed for the cost of the rooms or realms.
  • The contest will begin June 3, 9:00 AM, Cubits Castles time, and end June 30, 11:59 PM Cubits Castles time.
  • The name and number of the plot must be visible at all times, and the realm or room must be open to visitors.
  • You may have help building, but the majority of the work must be your own, and you may not plagiarize somebody else's design.
  • Winners will be announced July 7. Judges who use the STAR voting method.
  • REALM NAME: HPS Building Contest
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

1st Place = 10 K
2nd Place = 7.5 K
3rd Place = 5 K
4th Place = 2.5 K
5th Place = 1 K


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    I will do hollas when i be in game, so people can get plots :) or ye can add me on discord n ping me: mxlucie#6536 n i can hop on. This event be open to all qbees n i be excited to see yer creations! we already has some amazin' ones started!
  • i should be in-game friday and saturday, 06/10-11 for qbees to get building plots to enter the Helpful Pirate Society Summer Building Contest! There will be 5 Prizes, Top Prize 10K, Contest Ends June 30, Winners Announced July 7th! Add me ingame: LucieWinterwolf !
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