The Mourning Woods (Winners Announced)

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Welcome to The Mourning Woods!
Quick Introduction:
This is a pick your own path adventure that i created with JackFury, unfortunately we both gave up on in it because we didn't have enough time to properly work on it.
Even though it's unfinished, i want you all to experience it and enjoy the experience.
Also, as a celebration of me changing my name, from iCantiWill to Plastic Heart, i decided to give away a sum of 150k cubits.
Event Info:
Within the adventure, i hid several things; 3 bronze piggies along with guest bumpers next to each piggy, all you have to do is register your name on that guest bumper and you'll have a chance to win.
I also hid two doors; one has a prize dispenser filled with a lot of clothing items.
And another will be a guess the number room, where you will find 3 bronze and silver piggies inside a glass cage, you will have to guess the number according to the signs next to each portal in order to win.
When will the event start?
Tomorrow (Friday the 9th) at 14:00:00 Cubic Time, just do /time in game.
The winners of each guest bumper will be announced once they reach maximum capacity.
Best of luck!


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