Annual Purge

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On March 21st every year, I will host an Annual Purge.

The time of the purge will be 7PM Central Standard Time.

Where do we go?
At 6:58PM tomorrow, I will do a hollawarp informing everyone that the purge is about to begin and PVP will be enabled at 7PM

What will we need?
You will need any damaging wand. (Shrink or Harm)
You may also need a Heal Wand.

What are the rules?
Battle to the death. Once you die you'll be automatically kicked from the realm and unable to enter again.
All other rules are ignored meaning, there are no rules.

What does the winner get?
The winner will get 2,000 cubits.

It will be in my old UHC realm so there will be traps.

MythicalCow - 2020 Winner (Our Very First Winner)


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