Pls help

I bought 200k from c store and the money went out of my bank but I haven't got the c on my account... What's happened???


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    To resolve this, please contact support at Make sure to include the receipt of your purchase in the support ticket, so they can manually adding the cubits to your account.

    Side note: The support team may not be available on weekends. Therefore, it would be advisable to keep an eye on your mail-box for a response on Monday.

    How to contact support:
  • Ok thank you so much gala
  • The email button isn't working for me so could you post the email because I don't have Facebook and twitter
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    Use a different device: If possible, try accessing the support page from another device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Sometimes, the issue may be specific to the device you're currently using.

    Wait and try again: The loading time for the blue support button can vary. It's possible that it might take a bit longer to appear. I recommend waiting for a few minutes and refreshing the page to see if it shows up.

    Last option... you can try directly contact the support by sending an email to
    Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee whether they will receive the email through this method.
  • Ok thank you
  • June 24th was on a Saturday, try not to buy cubits at a weekend so when you do need support the wait is shorter.
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