Cubic Castles Ideas

Pets: Yeti, Tiger, Wolf, Scruffy dog, black bunny, duck, fox, crocodile.
Vehicles: Airplane, Surfboard, Skate board, Hover board, coffin cart, candy cane broom, cubit cart, carrot cart, UFO, lightning car (Fastest Car/Vehicle).
Updates: Patch all glitches, new dances, new music blocks, more levels, more perks and fonts, higher lightning quality, fishing faster, higher chance catching rare fish, watch ads for cubits, larger realms or mines, donation mailbox.
Events: Creating ads of cc and posting them on social media prizes for top 20 best ads. Live car racing, rocket league XD, hide and seek, surfing, skiing, Tag, Spoto, Flying Into rings, surfing. Mine cubes craft them then place them the more you craft them the bigger and brighter the block the more c it holds you can break it and get your c at the end of the event.
Packs: April fools, safari pack, FAN PACK WE NEED MORE FAN PACK please, deep waters, medieval pack, packs of random, animal pack, chills pack, youtuber pack, clown pack, continents, and circus.
Clothes: marshmallow head, flopped ears, green floral halo, fox pants and shirt, fish eating head, demon wings, eagle wings, spider wings, eggs in basket, clown shoes, Jellyfish on head, clown mask 2, firework ears, firework top hat, tiger hood, pants, shirt, and tail. Mouse Ears and tails, Flag on back, Oversized soldier helmet, new wigs, double eyepatch, rum, feather sword, plunger on head.


  • Some of these ideas are really good, and some are pretty confusing/unrecommendable, anyhow airplane and hoverboard would be really cool, +1
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